About The Art

Every photo displayed in the online gallery is a celebration of natural beauty! The gallery was born out of Ozem's interest in people's perception and acceptance of themselves and their bodies, as well as the demand for people photography in society and art. The models chosen are a cross-section of society ranging from those who have never posed for a photo shoot to aspiring/professional models. They also span a wide range of geographical backgrounds, professions and passions. 

All images are captured on film, developed & scanned by a professional film lab, then carefully optimized for print while maintaining the natural human elements that make them special. It is very important that the stories being told in Ozem's photographs are real and not created through heavy digital manipulation. This is because he truly believes in the power of a photograph and its ability to preserve moments in history within and beyond the artist's lifetime.


Last but not least, all images except for limited editions are available for purchase in a variety of sizes and two print types - photographic and fine art.

Photographic printing is done by a photo lab using Lightjet technology which means photo-sensitive paper is exposed to light, then ran through developer chemicals to create the print. This results in archival-quality true photographic prints with optimal image quality, longevity and sharpness. The color prints are made on Kodak Professional photographic paper and black and whites are made on a special true black and white matte photographic paper keeping close to the feel of a traditional darkroom print.

Signed fine art prints are for the serious art buyers and collectors who want the distinct look and traditional feel of a fine art print that meets museum standards along with the artist's signature for authenticity. These prints are made on heavyweight premium fine art paper using cutting edge inkjet technology and archival pigment inks. The papers used are machine made from 100% cotton. They are also water resistant, free from OBAs (optical brightening agents), acid and lignin free and calcium carbonate buffered in order to ensure true archival longevity. All fine art prints are signed, inspected and shipped by the artist, Ozem Ellis.


Framing for open edition photographic prints is available as an option at checkout. We are more than happy to provide custom framing for fine art prints to ensure the art work meets preservation standards. Contact us directly for a quote.

(Contact us for shipping outside the US & Canada)