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Here is a young business owner and athlete who's social media profile we came across and felt would make a perfect candidate for a photo shoot. Looking through her profile, it was obvious that she wasn't your average gym goer; you know, the type that goes to the gym purely out of routine with no major goal in mind.

I had no idea what kind of shoot we were going to do, all I knew was that I didn't want to go the typical "fitness" route. This changed on our phone conversation when I had the opportunity to learn who she was as a person (something that doesn't always translate through social media accurately). I learned that her entire life, including the business she's involved with, revolved around health and fitness. Also, I couldn't help but notice the level of strength in the way she spoke, which switched on a light bulb in my head and allowed me to see my perfect idea for her; I wasn't going to highlight the obvious, instead, I was set on contrasting it by displaying the beauty and power in vulnerability. 

Fast forwarding, we were able to wrap up the shoot after about 15 shots feeling satisfied that the point was well made. Also to avoid exhausting Jasmine mentally and physically acknowledging the demand that was being placed on her mind to take on such a vulnerable state and also the fact that she was on show prep. All I can say is mission accomplished :). 

Technical info:

All photos were taken on a Nikon 35mm camera and a 50mm lens using Kodak Tmax-100 professional black and white film.  Please leave any further questions in the comment section and I'll answer to the best of my recollection. 

*All images here are available unsigned on true black and white (classic matte finish) archival print. Click the image for more details.*

Other sizes and signed prints available upon request. 


Sarah Clymer(non-registered)
I just love your work!

I have been looking for a photographer to shoot my daughter's high school senior year portfolio, however, I am not certain that is something you would even consider.

If so please contact me.

Also, since seeing your work I have a few questions and a curiosity about doing a shoot as a gift for my husband.

Let's talk!

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