Ozem Ellis

Ozem Ellis is a Fine Art Photographer who has spent over a decade as a working professional photographer. Ozem's specialty lies in his passion for understanding thoughts and emotions, his love for the arts, and his attention to detail coupled with the ability to break down a scene into structured aesthetic elements.

From his portraiture to his photos of the human form, Ozem strives to give his subjects a release from every day expectations, allowing them to embrace themselves, in turn taking the viewer on their journey as well.

His creativity comes alive as his photography is more than just pointing and clicking the camera to capture the image. He truly believes that photographs have the power to tell stories long after they're created and takes pride in every aspect of the process.

Ozem's strategy is simple yet effective: (1) He is personable - he understands people and gets them to relax allowing them to truly become a part of the photographic process. (2) He knows light and the art of manipulating it – an absolute must for conveying mood. (3) He has studied, practiced, and continues to evolve in this critical aspect of the art form.

View more of his work: INSTAGRAM