This is an all-inclusive photography workshop hosted by Shutter Art Love LLC at the Oxford Exchange in Tampa Florida.

Whether you're a business needing to create professional content for social media/marketing, a parent wanting to document your kids/family or even a creative person that enjoys taking photographs of nature, travel, etc., this workshop is for you. There is an increasing demand for professional photography/content and as far as the cell phone technology has come, it doesn't compare to the look and quality that can be achieved by a trained person operating a camera dedicated to taking photos & videos. Fortunately, these cameras and lenses are becoming more and more affordable and accessible. The problem is they are specialty tools and require a fair amount of knowledge to give you the results you're looking for.

Good news, we can help with that!

This workshop is carefully designed to teach you what's necessary in order to take control of your camera and create images the way true professionals do. It's also great for working professionals that are seeking to up their game by strengthening the weaknesses in their workflow. We also recommend accessories that improve efficiency and dramatically cut down on the need for/time spent in post production. The best part is that you become a part of a family that you can contact with questions ranging from content creation to business strategies.


Fundamentals of Light and Exposure

Factors That Influence Exposure

Understanding of Metering Modes

Operating in Manual Mode

Focus and Depth of Field

Effective Camera Technique



April 17, 2020

Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM



Catering by the Oxford Exchange Restaurant and Buddy Brew Coffee Bar. (Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions)

Limited spots available for each date so reserve your spot now!


Workshop Dates



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Carmen Devine


Ashely Rogers

"Wow from zero to pro is right! Whether you think you have no skills or think you know everything when it comes to photography this workshop will definitely teach you what you need to know to take amazing photos! Thank you @ozemellisphotography for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing and efficient workshop."

Ashley Roberts

"I loved this workshop! I knew nothing about cameras or photography walking in, but left feeling confident about tons of professional concepts. Ozem is a great teacher and makes it easy to understand the behind the scenes effort involved in capturing a perfect photo. This class is hands-on so you’ll really learn how to set up your camera and properly adjust for different types of lighting, distance, etc. I would definitely recommend zero-to-pro regardless of how much experience you have. There was plenty to learn for all levels!"

Curtis Bullock

"The Zero to Pro Workshop gave me the foundation of operating my camera in manual mode. I now know the fundamentals of creating an image." ~ Curtis Bullock - World Traveler


Elio Rodriguez

"The two day #Shutterartlove workshop that I attended with Ozem and Jerrica was simply refreshing. I would say that my skill level as a photographer is between a novice and a professional. I shoot mostly merchandise as my main job is product photography but I needed tips on how to handle situations when photographing a person. The course helped me understand the workflow of a photo shoot. It also taught me some things that I had never considered before, like setting my white balance before every shoot. This tip alone has given my photos an improved fresh new look. Thank you guys for renewing my love for photography!" - Elio Rodriguez


Phillip D'Wallace

"A gifted and driven artist like Ozem is always a pleasure to talk with and get input from, but to have an actual class with him was absolutely spectacular! He chose a great location and made sure to adapt his approach to our needs. He created a comfortable environment as well as got down to business. I learned so much and got more comfortable and in tune with my camera than ever before!"



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a parking lot available at the Oxford Exchange and will there be additional parking cost?

Yes, there is a parking lot available at the Oxford Exchange and there is a parking fee. Click here for a list of additional options.

2. What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring is yourself and a digital camera with the ability to be controlled manually. We will provide the other tools necessary for the workshop.

3. Will there be food?

Yes, there is food catered by the Oxford Exchange restaurant and coffee by Buddy Brew Coffee Bar. This is all included at no additional cost to you.

4. Will we be learning studio flash lighting?

You will be learning some principles associated with studio flash lighting but will not be going in depth in this particular workshop. We will be going in depth in a more advanced workshop designed for people who are proficient at basic image creation and can benefit from adding more tools to their creative tool kit.

5. Is the workshop a classroom discussion setting only or is it hands-on as well?

The workshop is a combination of both classroom discussion and hands-on learning. You will have the opportunity to put all the theory learned into practice with one on one guidance from the instructor.

6. How many attendees will there be per class?

To ensure that everyone gets optimum attention, we've limited the workshop to a maximum of 10 attendees per class.

7. Do I need to purchase any additional gear for the workshop?

A functioning digital camera is all you need to attend but feel free to contact us directly and we can recommend a list of additional items that will be covered in the workshop which will increase efficiency in your workflow.

8. Is there a payment plan option available?

Contact us directly and we'll be happy to discuss payment plan options.